May Chang Essential Oil


Refreshing Uplifting Stimulating Tonic


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May Chang is well known for its ability to relieve stress and tension. It has a similar aroma to Lemongrass but is softer and lighter.

It is recommended for all those suffering from stress – whether it be related to work, relationships, health etc. It unclogs the brain and clears the head yet helps us to be ready for action.

It is a fabulous oil to burn in the workplace to keep everyone calm yet alert and will also repel any insects.

May Chang is useful for all types of depression even post- natal depression. Put a couple of drops on a tissue or in an oil burner. Try a massage blend of 1 drop May Chang, 1 drop Palmarosa and 1 drop Geranium to keep you balanced and uplifted.

May Chang is helpful for those who suffer with high blood pressure. Use it in combination with Marjoram, Lavender and Ylang Ylang.

May Chang can be used in oil and cream blends to treat acne,, spots and greasy skin . Try 1 drop May Chang, 1 drop Lavender and 1 drop Juniper in 10mls (2 teaspoons) carrier oil of cream.

On a spiritual level use May Chang to help you to take steps along your spiritual pathway.

On a spiritual level Lemongrass revives a tired, depleted spirit.

Botanical Species
Litsea cubeba
Country of Origin
Plant Part
The small, pepper-like fruits
Extraction Method
Steam distillation
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