Archangel Lariel

Archangel Lariel is the spiritual midwife.

She looks after souls in the womb, babies and children.



Rose is the essential oil of selfless giving which gently opens our hearts and allows one to become quickly attuned to Archangel Lariel.. She is a DIvine pink Archangel who watches closely over our babies and children. This oil can be used prior to conception to draw souls closer, during pregnancy and after the birth. Archangel Lariel is the spiritual midwife.



Mandarin is another favourite oil of; Archangel Lariel. This gentle, loving essential oil encourages feelings of happiness and contentment and joy and spontaneity.. An excellent oil for children and also for pregnant women. Avoid strong sunlight immediately after treatment



Geranium opens up our hearts and brings in the innocence and purity drawing Archangel Lariel close to us. It uplifts us and balances our emotions. Geranium helps to restore our balance and carries us gently through pregnancy and the birth process. Use geranium after the birth to avoid any low moods that may occur after the birth.

Archangel Lariel

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