Archangel Gabriel

Purification / Guidance / Inspiration
Use these oils for purification of body, mind and spirit. The high vibrational light of Archangel Gabriel can be called upon to clear yourself, others and any spaces of negative energies.


Bergamot helps to purify the body, mind and spirit. It removes feelings of uncleanliness. It helps to purify the auric field and will draw pure like-minded souls towars you who are on the angelic pathway. An excellent oil to use to draw Archangel Gabriel close to you . Avoid after strong sunlight.



Geranium brings us closer to the angels of purity. It exudes innocence and trust.



One of Archangel Gabriel’s most loved oils. It is a high vibrational essential oil. Neroli helps us to dispel negativity and to bring purity to body, mind and spirit.

Archangel Gabriel

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