Denise Whichello Brown is the author of the highly successful 'A Comprehensive Guide to Angel Therapy', first published in 2001 which has sold over 250,000 copies worldwide and has been translated into 20 different languages.

Denise is a pure channel for the magnificent rays of the angelic hierarchy who through Denise impart their love, guidance and divine wisdom. So far 144 Archangels have revealed themselves to her together with the lessons that they are here to teach us and the heavenly essential oils and sprays with which they work.

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  • Archangel Essential OIls

    The use of fragrance is a very powerful tool for drawing Archangels and Angels close to you. Each Archangel has a similar vibration to particular essential oils. Aromas open up and heighten our consciousness making us more receptive to the heavenly hosts.

    Essential oils because of their purity are particularly suitable for creating the vibration of love, which is ideal for attracting the angelic realms. Essential oils may form part of your angelic spiritual altar since the aromas raise the vibrations and invite the Archangels and Angels towards us. The Denise Brown range of precious essential oils are produced under favourable conditions by loving and caring people. They are free from adulteration and pollutants and thus possess the perfect energy for spiritual use.

    Denise has worked extensively with essential oils since the 1980's as an aromatherapist and lecturer and is an expert in their use.

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    Specialty / Rare Archangel Essential Oils

    As well as the oils below we also have almost 100 specialty / rare essential oils. Denise uses these oils mainly for their spiritual properties. If you have attended one of Denise's Archangel Workshops / Light Baths you will already have discovered and worked with some of these oils.

  • Archangel Sprays

    These 50ml Archangel sprays are personally handmade and activated by Denise with great care and love and each one captures the essence of the Archangel with which it is connected.

    Denise's Archangel sprays are exquisite blends of essential oils that can be used to clear, heal and transform. You can cleanse yourself, others and your space of stagnant and toxic energies that can accumulate and have a detrimental effect on your health. You can bring in the light of the Archangels, immerse yourself in their energy and transform and heal your life. These beautiful sprays can be used by the layperson as well as by therapists who wish to connect or work more closely with the Archangels.


    1. Spray a small amount onto one of your hands, rub your hands together and inhale deeply.
    2. Spray above your head and to the right and the left of you and breathe in the aromas deeply..
    3. Spray onto a handkerchief, and breathe in the aromas deeply.
    4. Spray onto a cotton wool ball or pad and place onto a warm radiator to create a wonderful ambiance.
    5. Spray onto your pillow prior to sleeping to connect with your chosen Archangels.

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  • Archangel Cards / Prints


    10 CARDS for PRICE of 7

    10 PRINTS for PRICE of 7


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  • Archangel Gemstones

    Beautiful freestanding angels carved from pieces of gemstone and polished so they are smooth and shiny.
    Our lovely gemstone crystal angels make an enhancing addition to any sacred space.
    A lovely reminder that angels are always by the side, waiting to be invited into our life, to bring guidance, protection and inspiration in times of need and in times of joy.
    They are approximately 5 cm high  Each piece is unique so size and designs may vary slightly.

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