Crystals can be used for healing on all levels as crystals can rejuvenate body, mind and spirit. They are excellent for self-healing, healing others as well as for absent healing. The person does not even have to know that you are treating them.

Crystals not only heal people but they can also be used to heal animals and even plants. A crystal can easily be attached to an animal’s collar or placed in a plant pot. They can also heal the work or home environment where they can transform negative into positive energies and radiate peace and tranquillity. Rose quartz, for example, is particularly good for bringing peace and harmony to your home. Amethyst can be worn or placed in a room to protect us and repel unwanted energies. be placed in a room.

Other benefits of crystals include to enhance meditation, open our intuition, to attract abundance and love into our lives, to relieve stress and tension, to fill us with energy, vitality and creativity and to create positive relationships.


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