Essential Oils

Essential Oils


  • Pure Essential Oils

    I guarantee that my essential oils are fully tested, free from adulteration, pesticide residues and preservatives, synthetic additives and erroneous ingredients obtained from other oils. Information about their origin is fully described on the site.
    Strict rotation is also ensured so that the essential oils reach you soon after production.
    No products in the catalogue are tested on animals and ecological concerns are always taken into account. For instance our rosewood oil is purchased from small orchard farmers in Peru where no deforestation takes place as the trees are only de-branched and soon grow back after a few years.
    Organic Oils: Are our essential oils 'organic'?

  • Absolutes

    To yield an absolute, the aromatic plant material (flowers, leaves, etc.) is extracted by hydrocarbon solvents such as benzene or hexane. The plant material is covered with the solvent and slowly heated to dissolve the aromatic molecules. The solvent extracts the odour and then the solvent is filtered off to produce a ‘concrete’. A concrete is a solid, wax-like substance containing about 50 per cent wax and 50 per cent volatile oil such as jasmine. To obtain the absolute the concrete is mixed with pure alcohol to dissolve out the aromatic molecules, and then chilled. This mixture is filtered to eliminate waste products and to separate out insoluble waxes. The alcohol is evaporated off gently under vacuum. The thick, viscous, coloured liquid known as the absolute is left behind.

  • Resinoids-Types-Dilutions


    The oil is extracted from the resin by means of a solvent, and because the resulting resinoid is still too viscous (thick) to work with at this stage, a diluent (DPG) is added to the resinoid to make it mobile and easier to use. After this process, the oil is referred to as a resinoid.


    A standardised blend of natural essential oils designed to generally replicate the profile and odour of the true oil.


    Pure oils or absolutes that are pre-diluted to 5% in lovely Jojoba Oil which is rich in protein and minerals. No need to dilute this oil any further for application to the skin (subject to skin test).

  • Speciality - Exotic Oils

    We have here over 100 specialty-exotic essential oils that are not in the main section.  Denise uses these oils mainly for their spiritual properties.
    If you have attended one of Denise's Archangel Workshops / Light Baths  you will already have discovered and worked with many of these oils.
    Information about these oil's properties and Archangel associations is not provided.

    The packaging differs with white non-transparent labels and no cap labels as with the main range.

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