Rosewood Essential Oil

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Balancing / Warming. / Rejuvenating
I thoroughly recommend Rosewood for rejuvenation!

Try a bath with 3 drops Rosewood and 3 drops Rosemary or Lime to rejuvenate yourself after a long day at work!

Rosewood is a comforting and warming oil which has a balancing effect on the nervous system. I have used Rosewood on clients with depression, who find it a comforting, warming and uplifting oil. Use it on its own or in combination with Neroli or one of the citrus oils such as Lime, Grapefruit or Bergamot. It also clears the mind of its clutter.

Rosewood helps to boost the circulation and the immune system. Put 3 drops Rosewood and 3 drops Ravensara in your bath. Try it for coughs especially those irritating ticklish ones. It can be used as a gargle – a couple of drops in half a glass of warm water or try a chest rub with 1 drop Rosewood, 1 drop Hyssop and 1 drop Myrtle.

Rosewood can be used on all types of skin.  It can rejuvenate the skin helping to fight premature ageing and wrinkles. Use 1 drop Rosewood, 1 drop Carrot Seed and 1 drop Rose in 10mls (2 teaspoons) or 10gms skin cream.

On a spiritual level Rosewood is used a lot for meditation and it helps us to align with and follow our truth.

More Information
Botanical Species Ocotea caudata
Country of Origin Peru
Plant Part Wood
Extraction Method: Steam distillation
Colour Colourless to pale yellow
Precautions None,
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