Jasmine Sambac Absolute Essential Oil

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Exquisite /Relaxing / Sensual / Skin / Women

Jasmine is one of my favourite essential oils – its exquisite aroma is just divine!

There are many species of Jasmine, up to 42 species have been recorded in India alone. We carry both the sambac - a lighter, more floral oil - and the officinale - a deeper scent.  Jasmine sambac is not as sweet as our Jasmine officinale.  

Jasmine Sambac has been called 'Moonlight of the Grove' because its flowers open at twilight releasing its intriguing floral bouquet.  It is ideal for natural perfumery.

I use Jasmine extensively for nervous problems as it lifts even the darkest mood. Jasmine makes one feel optimistic and confident. It is an excellent essential oil for stress and anxiety and is deeply relaxing as well as euphoric.

Jasmine has a reputation for its ability to treat sexual problems. It releases inhibitions and is a powerful aphrodisiac! Jasmine can also help couples who are having problems conceiving.

Jasmine is one of my favourite oils for childbirth. It helps to ease the pain, relaxes the mother, promotes the birth and even helps to expel the placenta.

Jasmine is an excellent essential oil for all skin types. It balances and tones dry, greasy, irritated and sensitive skin, increases elasticity and is often used to assist with stretch marks and to reduce scarring. It makes an invaluable addition to any skin cream.

Try 1 drop Jasmine, 1 drop Neroli and 1 drop Rose in 10gms cream for a truly luxurious skin cream!

More Information
Botanical Species Jasminum sambac
Country of Origin India
Plant Part Flowers
Extraction Method: Solvent extraction
Colour Reddish-brown
Precautions Do not take internally (it is an absolute).
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